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Electric vs. Gas Facts


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lawn mowers consume 1.2 billions of gasoline per year, with commercial mowing accounting for 35% of this total.

According to the EPA, 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled each year while refueling lawn equipment.  That is more than all the oil that was spilled by The Exxon Valdez.

The EPA also states that one 2-cycle gas string trimmer can produce as many emissions in one hour than that of a full size pickup truck traveling over 3,000 miles!

In one head-to-head study, 30-minutes of gas-powered leaf blower operation produced as much pollution as a 6,200 lb. Ford Raptor truck traveling 3,900 miles....the distance from Texas to Alaska!

One-hour operating a gas push mower emits as much pollution as 8 vehicles operating the same period of time.

One-hour operating a gas riding mower emits as much pollution as 34 cars operating the same period of time!

A single gas mower emits 88 lbs. of the greenhouse gas CO2, and 34 lbs. of other harmful pollutants into the air every year.

Noise from gas powered lawn equipment can range from 95-115 decibels, where electric lawn equipment is around 75 decibels.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that exposure to noise levels above 85 decibels can pose as health hazards such as agitation, heart disease, and hearing loss.

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