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The Green Side LLC is an Eco-friendly landscaping company based in South Burlington, Vermont.  We provide zero-emission landscape maintenance services to the Greater Burlington area by using ALL electric or hand equipment.  The Green Side services commercial and residential properties, and can even service larger multi-acre properties with our all-electric riding mowers.  Our clients love the fact that we use NO oil/gas, NO dirty fumes are emitted, and that there is NO harmful noise!  

The Green Side LLC was started by Scott Butts in 2010. Scott had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, is a passionate environmentalist, and enjoys working outdoors.  Hence, the beginning of The Green Side, which has grown every year since it began and continues to do so.  Gas-powered lawn equipment emissions are worse than most vehicles, so The Green Side takes pride in knowing that it is making a positive impact for its clients and the communities they live in by using environmentally friendly electric equipment.  The Green Side is fully insured and offers free estimates.


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